A Maine vacation at a Maine resort is ideal for history buffs

sebasco harbor maine resortThree Maine cities are recognized by The National Trust for Historic Preservation as Distinctive Destinations to visit: Portland, Rockland, and Bath. There are recognized specifically because they are all architecturally attractive, they have a culturally-diverse downtown, and they are each committed to the historical preservation and revitalization of their city. All of these cities are worth visiting while on a Maine vacation, as they boast some of the greatest opportunities to gain insight into the substantial maritime heritage that the state has.

Portland is the most widely-known city in the state, and over the past decade, it has grown in popularity. Food enthusiasts and art lovers flock here, as it boasts some of the greatest restaurants in the country, as well as plenty of museums and historical landmarks. If you travel a couple hours north of Portland, you will find Rockland. It is a small city that, like Portland, offers plenty of great food and fine art. Here you can visit the Maine Lighthouse Museum, which has the largest collection of lighthouse artifacts in the world. Finally, the city of Bath, which is just about the halfway point between Portland and Rockland, is famously recognized for its rich maritime history. For centuries, ships have been built here, and its lengthy history is well-preserved at the city’s Maine Maritime Museum. Just a few minutes from downtown Bath, at the tip of the Phippsburg peninsula, lies Popham, which was the site of the 1607 Popham Colony—one of the oldest English settlements in North America. It was at this spot in 1608 that the Virginia, the first ship built by the English on this continent, was launched.

Phippsburg is also home to one of the most beautiful resorts in Maine: Sebasco Harbor Resort. Of all Maine resorts at which you can stay during your historically-rich vacation, it is the best. It is located just minutes from Bath, and it is only a short distance from both Portland and Rockland, so you can easily visit all three cities on your stay. Maine vacations are ideal for history buffs, as it is a state with an incredibly rich and fascinating history.

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Finding Cheap Last Minute Airfare Deals

If you don’t have time constraints then choosing last-minute reservation deals will be the best option if you want to find cheap airfares. Sometimes you are required to travel on a very short notice, in these cases buying a last-minute deal online will save you a lot of money.

Sometimes last-minute deals are offered only at particular days (for example weekends) and only for a few destination locations. You have to check these websites out to see if your location is listed on the special offers’ list. If you can’t find one good deal at a particular website you can search on other websites as well. There are so many travel websites out there that sometimes it becomes confusing and difficult to choose one of them. But of course spending a little time online will help you see which ones of them are suitable for your location, budget and travel dates.

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How to Find Online Discount Hotel Deals – Tips From Travel Experts

Everybody knows that these days it’s cheaper to book their hotel rooms online for the best discounted room rates. So everyone usually heads straight to the many popular Internet travel agencies that we see so much on television and in magazines advertisements. But wouldn’t it be great to know where people working in the travel industry find their special hotel deals?

There are many reputable online travel agencies to choose from today. Most are not so well known because they are not as heavily advertised on television. Though they are popular amongst travel experts and seasoned travelers. When you do research on hotel deals you will find their names coming up first on search results.

But travel industry insiders know that in order to get the best hotel rates possible they primarily use the services of hotel reservation agencies based in the country or region they are traveling too.

For instance if I wanted to find an affordable 3 star hotel in New York City I would use US based online hotel agencies such as CheapOstay.com or HotelClub.com. Both companies have a solid reputation for reliable services and for offering discount hotel rates in the United States, though they are not as well known as Expedia.com or Priceline.com, even though CheapOstay.com and HotelClub.com offers better hotel room rates and more hotel choices.

The reason for that is Expedia and Priceline or another similar all in one travel service provider does not specialize in the hotel market.

Travel experts know that online hotel agencies are able to provide travelers with unique hotel discounts and promotions. They know these specialized agencies focus on the hotel niche so they are much more knowledgeable about traveler’s needs and demands for the best hotel room prices.

Regional online hotel agencies work closer with the hotels they are partnered with so whenever there is a special deal or upcoming exclusive promotions they are the first to receive them so that in turn they are made available to travelers. Hotels know to take advantage of the huge Internet presence that online hotel agencies possess and it increases the likely hood of a traveler coming across their hotel property.

Since these discounts are exclusive you will only find them on these agencies’ websites that wouldn’t be offered by the hotels directly.

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